About Company

TehnoPolus Company is transport-and-hoisting equipments supplier.
We offer advanced solutions for our customers, taking into account their requirements and specifics of work.
The list of our suppliers includes reliable manufacturers of Russia and also of EU countries. We do not seek to promote and cooperate with all existing manufacturers of handling machinery, like do other commercial structures. The main distinctive feature of our work is cooperation only with RELIABLE AND TRUSTED suppliers who have Certificates and experience. When choosing a partner, we learn about him a number of major details:

  • marketable level of prices,
  • high quality of the manufactured products,
  • usage of modern technologies in production,
  • lack of complaints from customers,
  • execution of terms and volumes of deliveries,
  • implementation of guarantees.

We highly appreciate confidence of our customers. That is why our specialists, having more than 10-years’ experience in crane-building, carefully check each of these criteria. Partnership relations with suppliers are officially finalized only in the absence of negative characteristics of each criterion.
Taking into consideration that a customer also needs consultation, installation and service guarantees, our company,  together with our structural subdivision MontajPolus, LLC, offers full range of services, from examination of production line, disassembling of old equipment and installation of new one, to its warranty and post-warranty service.