TehnoPolus company specializes in supply of EOT Cranes and various hoisting and transport equipment. Our catalog includes the following load-lifting equipment:

  • Load-lifting cranes, bridge cranes and gantry cranes;
  • Lifting mechanisms ( electric hoists, electrical and hand hoists);
  • Other lifting equipment.

 Load-lifting mechanisms that we offer are of high quality and we guarantee long service life of our equipment. We cooperate only with reliable suppliers, each of which has passed careful selection and testing. 
However, excellent quality and reliability of supplied products is not our only advantage. TehnoPolus also stands out by wide assortment of lifting equipment and cranes. Whether you want to purchase an EOTcrane or you are interested in some other lifting equipment we can offer you individual conditions and excellent quality. 
To our indisputable advantages also refer optimal prices, high level of service, discharge of taken obligations. The lack of complaints from our customers and the extensive list of permanent customers are the best proof of that.
Each inquiry that our company receives is surely analyzed by our highly qualified specialists. Employees of our company will give a detailed answer to all your questions, you will be provided by full information about the main characteristics of one or another lifting equipment, we will help you to choose load-lifting cranes and other transport or hoist equipment that most closely meets your business needs. 
We also take on the installation, and maintenance. 
"TehnoPolus"LLC will provide your production with high quality load-lifting equipment!