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Prestar, s.r.o. is an engineering company focused on production of equipment for automated production and processing of tubes and production of lifting technology. Prestar, s.r.o. with the head office in Opava (CZE) was founded in 1991. In 2001, the company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000, and in 2008, the quality system is updated on EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our Company is an exclusive dealer of Prestar handling equipment in Russia. Installation and maintenance conducts "MontajPolus", LLC


"MontajPolus", LLC

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"MontajPolus", LLC is a mounting organization; it is a structural subdivision of "TehnoPolus", LLC. "MontajPolus", LLC, having highly skilled team of professionals will produce all the project phases including removal and installation, technical service, modernization and repair of equipment.

Qualification of the organization confirmed by the certificate SRO-10-7806429045-0166 .2

"TehnoPolus", LLC together with "MontajPolus", LLC provide the following services:

  • Delivery and complex installation of bridge cranes with commissioning phase works, commission of Rostechnadzor.
  • Installation of the mechanical part of the crane using hoisting equipment and machinery
  • Assembling of the electrical components of the crane
  • Starting-up and adjustment works
  • After warranty service on subscription
  • Setting up of security related devices
  • Inspection and maintenance of crane runways
  • Survey and repair of electrical equipment
  • Complete examination of electrical equipment with issuance of corresponding protocols
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Repair and modernization (both mechanical and electrical parts of the crane)
  • We can also provide other additional services depending on our Customers’ needs.

Balkansko Echo

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" Balkansko Echo" is the only plant in Bulgaria, which produces explosion-proof and flameproof hoists. The plant has absolutely all permitting documents for Russian Federation for all manufactured products ─ Certificates of Conformity, Permission for Use from Rostekhnadzor.

All electric hoists are manufactured in accordance with the Safety Rules (ПБ) 10-382-00 and correspond to GOST requirements of Russian Federation and other normative documents of the country.

The Company " Balkansko Echo" also has Certificate of Management and Quality Control EN ISO 9001:2000 TŰV Rheinland InterCert

" Balkansko Echo" has a License permitting international transportation and delivery with special trucks.

The Company " Balkansko Echo" realizes warranty and after warranty service of hoisting and handling equipment, having a License issued by Technical Inspection of Bulgaria.

For its excellent quality and reliability, for its wide product line of hoists and various options the "Balkansko Echo" has gained recognition among famous enterprises of machine building, metallurgy and chemical industry in Russian Federation and in other countries.

The Balkansko Echo plant has a special complex which is certified for the execution of testing works of different hoisting equipment.

The Company " Balkansko Echo" has several official representatives in Russia, one of them is "TehnoPolus", LLC. Our Company is not only representative of "Balkansko Echo", we also carry out the whole range of services from installation of bridge cranes and hoists up to warranty and after warranty servicing of load lifting equipment.